3-Day Boot Camp To Launch Your Business

How To Seriously Make Money In Real Estate Investing

This event is meant to give attendees a 360-degree look into buying tax delinquent and distressed properties. This hands-on experience will have you learning creative ways to find deals, making cold calls to sellers, knocking on doors, using online tools to scrape targeted leads, creating and structuring offers on properties, and a whole lot more.

By the end of the 3 days you will have learned what you need to know to open your company, you will have hired a competent virtual assistant for $3-$5/hr, made offers, and gained the confidence to hit the ground running when you leave.

This event isn’t for everyone, only join if you are SERIOUS about making money in real estate and just need some help. This is not entertainment.

Learn The Business of Real Estate Investing Hands-On Experience
  • Buying before the tax deed auction
  • Skills to make offers to real sellers
  • Gain experience knocking on doors
  • Become confident talking to sellers
  • Professionals that can help you set up your company
  • The difference between a LLC or Corp
  • Tax benefits and liabilities
  • How to view properties before buying from home
  • You will hire a virtual assistant (VA) to save time
  • Learn how to manage and train a VA
  • Bonuses

  • Cold calling scripts
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Contracts
  • Wholesale checklists
  • Questions to ask before hiring a VA

The education starts before you come in the door. You will be given an assignment before attending which will benefit attendees. The tasks will benefit your business.

* We will convoy together in separate vehicles to go see SELLERS, but we are NOT going to an auction on this Boot Camp. There will be physical activity in this program going in and out of properties and walking neighborhoods.

* 3-Day Boot Camp is limited to 9 people only per event. You can also choose to do a private 1-on-1 Boot Camp with Sandra.

Real World Investing
Real-World Education

Learn in the field with Sandra as your guide

Tax Deduction Planning
Virtual Assistant

You will hire a virtual assistant (VA)

Senior Couple Working On Tax Deed Business
Home Study

Receive additional materials and content to study and be properly prepared

Money Back Guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee

You have a 7-Day money-back guarantee from the day of purchase

Disclaimer: Results vary depending on your ability to gain and retain key information, on your ability to make astute property decisions, and on the amount of time you spend researching and bidding on available properties. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Although it’s relatively easy, it is not going to make you rich if you’re unwilling or unable to do what’s required to see, recognize, and seal the deal.